DECORATIVO is a UK based decorator company offering high end of decorative wall and floor coatings. Their specialist applicator teams provide bespoke microcement, polished plaster and other high-end wall finish decoration for residential and commercial clients.


Specialist painting and decoration, luxury home decor


DECORATIVO turned to us asking for a webiste and initial SEO to get prospective clients from search


London, United Kingdom


Website Design, On Page Search Engine Optimisation, Link Building

The company required a brand new website which would appeal to their high end target market. DECORATIVO also believes the power of search engines, they asked us to optimise the on page elements of SEO and improve their search engine rankings. 

DECORATIVO needed to establish its web presence and place on Search Engine Results Pages. 


Custom Website Design, On Page SEO, Local Directory Listings

Our web design and development team created a bespoke and responsive website for DECORATIVO placing priority on the luxury aspects as well as the tecnical elements of SEO. Our search team placed listings on search, local and trade directory listings. 

Our team defined the most relevant keywords for DECORATIVO to rank for within the industry, set up analytics on the main search engines and crafted and optimised the content of the website accordingly. 



Brand New Website


page ranking for primary keyword


new Clients within a month

DECORATIVO has a brand new website reflecting to the luxury aspect of their offering, containing several videos and displaying their previous works. The result is a clean, beautiful responsive site, analytics and social media are integrated.

After understanding our partner`s service offering and target market , the team developed content around the most important 5 keywords identified. The company’s profile has been created and placed to relevant local and trade listings. 

Our SEO efforts combined with local listings, our team  delivered on the promise of ranking the new site on the first page of the search results of their relevant keyword and attracted new clients quickly to DECORATIVO. 

” We hired CREAHIVE to design our website focusing on SEO to get more clients online to our business. Our company website is up and running, we are on first page on search engines for our important keyword and attracting a number of potential clients. I think the results speak for themselves! “

Peter Morvai

Company Director at DECORATIVO

Strategic consultant at creahive explains the digital strategy to a client

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